London Film and Comic Con

I spent this past weekend staying in London for the convention. I figured that I could just be myself not being around anyone that I know, and it was wonderful! It was so liberating to just be myself. I now know that I pass publicly, which allowed me to use the gents and be introduced to people as Steve, no make believe, no pretense.

I was referred to as “sir” twice, called a gentleman, and a lovely woman told her kids that if they didnt sit still the man – me – would tell them off!

I felt so good being myself that coming home is all the more upsetting, having to put the mask on again and be someone else. Hopefully it wont be long and I can be open, throw away the mask for good.



My class are amazing!!! So supportive, i couldnt have wished for better. Jason and Martin said they knew there was something without being sure what.

Dean came round and said that binding hides my chest really well. Apparently his moobs are bigger than mine so yet again I’m on a high 🙂

The best day Ive had so far on this journey!!


My binder arrived and I put it on. I feel fantastic. Ok so its not 100% but with a dd cup it was never going to be perfect. It just feels so much better to not be so visible. Under my clothes its really not obvious, with a haircut I feel that I could pass.

I feel on top of the world. Going to ask Dean to come over to get another persons opinion but I feel soooo happy 🙂