Well I successfully completed my AS, I got a B in my exams!!! I feel a bit guilty though knowing Matthew my little brother failed all of his. He could have done so well if only he’d put down his Yu-Gi-Oh cards and told his mates “not tonight lads”.

I remember being 17, its not easy. You think you know everything and anyone who contradicts that view hasnt got a clue. Life would be much better if kids (Matthew especially) would learn to take advice from those of us who have been there, walked that road, and been knocked down a time or two to boot.

It will never happen and that innocence to know it all lasts but a short time in the overall scheme of things before the real world comes along and shakes everything up – what a shock to see how much gas, electric, water and food really cost, and thats just regular concerns. I think Matt still believes that the cupboards magically refill themselves, water comes free with the house, and electric and gas.. They’re automatic human rights arent they?! Oh the unending joys of the teenage mind, and how the world looks before WORK.

Hopefully he’ll buck up his ideas and make something of himself as I am trying to do. Only time will tell, but in his defence I failed at 17 too.